6 Logo Design Trends in 2018

Logo Design Trend

There is a lot of difference that can be made in a brand’s perception by consumers just by the first impression that they get from the logo that it uses. A logo carries a lot of stake in the reputation of a brand. Logo design has to be simple yet they should be able to communicate the image of the brand in a way that it helps them connect with the brand. Logos should be something memorable and can stand the test of time but they should still be able to be in touching distance of the contemporary trends in the world of graphic design.

We have come up with x logo design trends that will be popular in 2018.

  1. Simplification

When you are thinking about a logo to be used in the long run, you want a logo that is clean, minimalist and simple. There have been many major changes to existing logos by companies who have made their logos much simpler just to serve that very purpose.

  1. Letter Stacking

How letter stacking is done is that the placement of letters is with them being composed on top of each other. This way, if your company’s logo has any long phrases, they will be composed in an easy to perceive manner. Using letter stacking in tandem with good contrast in the color composition is also going to make logos more appealing.

  1. Negative Space

The importance of making use of negative spaces cannot ever be emphasized enough. When you are looking at any kind of design, you do not just look at what is the design itself but also how it occupies the space that it is in. Negative spaces have been used for logos for a while now and this trend is still going strong in 2018. Using negative spaces intelligently in your logo design can really accentuate the logo, making it memorable yet simple.

  1. Gradients

Gradients have been around for a while but until recently they had become sort of like forgotten relics of the past. They are however, coming into use again in recent times with graphic designers using gradients in both texts and icons to improve the aesthetics of their logos.

  1. Coats of Arms

Sometimes using items that leverage on the power of nostalgia can be very effective in contemporary times. By using more simple manners to recreate the same stylization of coats of arms, you can create logos that have a strong sense of heritage and tradition. It also goes to say that the logos which make use of this style of designing will seem more timeless if the balance between the traditional and contemporary is struck by the logo designer.

  1. Lettering

Yes, it is something that has been around for a very long time now but lettering is still something significant when it comes to logo designing. It is no longer at the peak that it was a few years ago but this trend is definitely one that is going to stick around in 2018 and moving forward as well perhaps.