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Skepticism About Internet Marketing News

Internet Marketing

This post by marketing strategist B to B points out that bad research proliferates online and gives you a much-needed pointer on how to sort the correct information from the mirages. We love this quote: “…where statistics are plentiful but facts are elusive.” Yes, it is true, many marketers out there seem to be able to draw whatever conclusion they want to from any set of data. The industry contains a great deal of spin and hype, and very few people calling it out. For web entrepreneurs, be at least a little bit skeptical and do some research before just giving anybody your marketing dollars. (more…)

An Excellent Web 2.0 Design Guide

Web-2.0 Design

I know, many of you in web design have been saying “If I hear ‘Web 2.0′ again, I’m going to barf!” We’re all sick of it, but if you work in web design, you have clients coming to you asking to make their sites “web 2.0?. You might as well have one agreed-upon standard for getting it right.

That’s just what this guide does. Very complete and yet easy to scan, it touches on every aspect from layout to logos, setting down once and for all what exactly Web 2.0 is and what it is not. It uses lots of examples and spots trends you probably didn’t even notice.

Adapting to the Digital Age

Digital Age

Read-Write Web has a characteristically well-thought-out post about the new world of thinking digitally instead of physically. You can particularly appreciate the part about computer-phobia.

Who among us, working in a tech-related field, has not had an acquaintance who waved away our computer-jargon with the retort “I don’t understand computers!” Or gotten a phone call from a relative late at night, who needed help with their home computer?

At the same time, software engineers, web designers, and graphics artists seem to be at a loss when it comes to dealing with the physical world. A great programmer is stumped when their car stalls, a brilliant web designer will have their website in perfect order while their desk is buried under three feet of junk, and many IT professionals tend to let their health go, developing the expanding waistline and fluorescent-lighting complexion that goes with spending all your time in a cubicle or a server room.