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Where Does Your Business Website Rank On Our Web Design Essentials Scorecard

Web Design Essentials

You will find that many skilled and creative professionals prefer to use checklists for each project they embark upon, and that will be the case for many web designers. Given that the creation of a website has several elements that all need to combine and function properly, a checklist is an ideal way to ensure each one is present and optimised.

For business owners who have a website, those same web design checklists can be useful, either to evaluate any new website that has been designed for them or to properly assess their current website to ascertain whether or not it needs to be redesigned. As such, we have outlined a simple web design checklist below which includes 25 desirable web design elements. With a point for each one, how many out of 25 does your business website score?

Website Structure & Navigation

  • Consistent Pages: All pages should have a logo, header, and footer visible.
  • Limited Levels: Do not have so many levels on your website that it feels like an endless maze.
  • Search Function: Help your visitors find what they need by having a search box.
  • Current Location: Let users know where they are using features like breadcrumbs.
  • Simple Menus: Your menus and subsequent navigation should be easy for all.