How Can I Learn To Use WordPress?

Learn To Use WordPress

WordPress is the world’s largest content management system (CMS). It’s estimated that over a third of the internet (34% of all sites) runs on WordPress, which makes it a logical thing to learn about if you want to become a web developer.

However, learning how to use WordPress can be confusing for those without any previous experience. I know I found it quite hard to navigate the first time I tried to use it, and I’ve only come to know it inside out through years of experience and hard work.

With this in mind, I’ve put together this short article outlining some of the best ways to learn WordPress.

Why Should I Learn WordPress?

Before we get into the best ways to learn how to use WordPress, I just want to touch on a few of the reasons why you should at least consider learning it. These include:

  • For personal fulfillment. If you enjoy learning new things, then learning how to use WordPress is probably a no brainer for you.
  • To become more employable. The digital world is rapidly growing, and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. It therefore makes sense to assume that WordPress developers are going to remain in high demand for some time to come.
  • So you can build your own website. Finally, you might think about learning how to use WordPress so that you have the skills and experience to build your own website without having to pay a developer.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to at least consider learning WordPress. Now that we’ve covered them, let’s have a look at a few of the ways to do it.

How Can I Learn WordPress?

Put simply, there are numerous ways to learn how to use WordPress. I’m going to touch on a couple of them here, but understand that this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Take an online course – A lot of online course providers offer great courses that teach things like WordPress theme development, design, and ongoing management.

Start building your own website – I learnt most of the WordPress basics by simply jumping in and having a go. If you’re an on-the-job learner, then I’d recommend signing up for your own WordPress account and just having a go.

Watch YouTube videos – YouTube is also a great resource when it comes to learning how to use WordPress. If I’m ever stuck on something or just need a little pointer in the right direction, I usually just head to YouTube for tutorials, type my query in the search bar, and watch one of the top results.


As you can probably see by now, knowing how to use WordPress is a valuable skill. Not only will it allow you to build your own website, but it will also help make you more employable.

Although there are numerous ways to learn how to use WordPress, I’d recommend signing up for an online course, starting to build your own website to get familiar with the platform, and watching YouTube videos when you need to troubleshoot things.