3 Tips to Start Successful Google AdWords Campaign in 2018

Adwords Marketing Campaign

Google AdWords is one of the best advertising platforms available in the digital realm right now. It is capable of catering to both big and small businesses and allows them to put forth their products and services to the potential customers within a few hours time!

Google AdWords is a versatile platform and if you have been using it, you might have an idea of exactly how varied the settings and targeting options can be. It is due to this very versatility that it can be a useful tool for all kinds of businesses. For some who are new to it, using the platform can become a bit overwhelming when you are trying to use the platform to launch new AdWords campaign. If it is not managed properly, it can easily result in you wasting a good chunk of the marketing budget you have allocated for the campaign without producing the results that you require. This article is geared to provide you tips that can help you get the best ROI for your Adwords marketing campaign.

  1. Low CPC and Daily Budget

The biggest problem that many people face when they are launching a new AdWords marketing campaign is determining exactly what the response will be to your campaign and how you should allocate the budget to the campaign. Nobody wants to spend most of their budget for marketing within the first few hours of getting their campaign started.

It is recommended that you start off your AdWords campaign by setting your daily budget much lower than what you were initially planning. This way, you will be able to see the response of the traffic based on the targeting you’re doing and then adjust the dialy budget once you have started to ease into it. If you’re making use of Cost-per-click bidding and gradually increase the bids as you go along and figure out what works better for you.

  1. Ad Copy

This is a crucial part of your AdWords campaign. It is the basic determining factor which will either reel in the potential customers and turn them into actual customers and it will also serve to drive away the traffic that does not find your content relevant to them.

There can be many approaches to how you draft your Ad copy. What is recommended is that you do a sort of split-testing. Make use of two different ideas and see how your target audience responds. One of them will receive a better response from your audience. Track the performance of both so that you can do a comparative study to determine which is working out better for you. Use the better Ad copy throughout the rest of your marketing campaign.

  1. Account Structure

Lastly, what you should focus on is the account structure for your AdWords campaign. You want to get the best ROI from your investments and having a well-structured account for your AdWords campaign is the key to get it right. If your campaign’s keywords ads and ad group have well-related theme, it will produce better results for you. Not only that, Google also happens to reward you for it by reducing the costs for advertising.

Following these tips is going to save you a lot of money and a lot of time so you can get the best out of your AdWords campaign in 2018.